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Me and my dogs...

I am Nicolò Crippa and in 2000 I bought my first cane corso from private individuals. She is a tawny female, and I call her Desiré. At the time I was 14, and between the impatience and the lack of information at the moment, the choice of my first bitch was not long in turning out to be unwise. My breeder soul was already pulsing at that time and when Desiré reaches the right age I decide to contact Massimo Frascari, who has been selecting cane corso for years. For the first time I hear about "hip and elbow plates" and "degrees of dysplasia." I have Desiré do all the necessary exams, who is dysplasic, and is therefore not suitable for reproduction. We start a series of specific physical activities , to help the bitch, especially thinking about her old age. My journey into the world of the cane corso does not stop, I become a frequent visitor to exhibitions, I maintain my contacts with Massimo Frascari (owner of the Dei Dauni kennel, which boasts: various champions Italian, foreign, international and two World Champions such as Paco and Marlotta) and purchase from him Eris, a brindle female, with whom I begin to participate in the expo.

In 2014, Fiona Dei Dauni, a black brindle, arrives in the family. Together we continue the exhibition career, we earn several "best of breed", CAC, CACIB, we participate in the world championship in Milan in 2015, and ends his career by winning the title of "Sanmarinese Champion" and "Young promising ENCI".

Over the years I have continued my study of the cane corso, above all thanks to the coexistence with my dogs, to our adventures in the mountains and in the forests and to the continuous collaboration with Massimo. When he decides to retire, he gives me his affix.

So here I am carrying on the name "DEI DAUNI", keeping the fixed points on which the selection has been based so far:


I believe that the care of the litter is very important, right from the gestation, in which the future mother is followed with periodic checks by the veterinarian, and ultrasound scans to ascertain the state of health of the future unborn. The birth is personally followed by me, with the support of the vets who follow my kennel, ready to intervene in case of need. In the post-birth period, the control of the puppies is carried out several times a day, this is to get to know the puppy, to check that everyone eats and grows adequately and in health. The manipulations and contact with humans are important, which will help the puppy grow and relate to future owners. Once the puppies are weaned they will stay with their mother, but they will also begin to relate to the other dogs in the breeding, so as to begin a socialization process and improve their communication skills with their own kind.

At the show The power of a ball on a 60 kg dog Puppies in the garden? So I’m collecting mushrooms ... This is my kennels in the heart of the country;  no boxes, no cement.