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Me and my dogs...

2.	io e i miei cani in relax.....my name is Massimo Frascari and I would like to proudly introduce my amateur “DEI DAUNI” kennels to you. It was back in 1991 that, leafing through a magazine, I discovered the Cane Corso breed of dogs; I have always loved Molossers, but that picture, even though it was just a small black and white photo, revealed a determination and elegance which seemed to correspond to the special characteristics and aesthetics I was looking for. Right close to my home was a kennels, the Cerberus. Done and dusted, I made an appointment and there met the incarnation of my desires: Arras.

So, I tiptoed closer to that world of true romantics who own a Cane Corso; I didn’t miss a single appointment or meeting even if they were miles from home. Some time after the fatal meeting with Arras, Marlotta arrived in our house, with her grey, velvet coat and gritty, determined nature, and the natural temperament of a guard-dog or hunter, always in cahoots with the small mongrel bitch at home. When she was six months old I took her to a training camp.   

Since 1994 it has become possible for Cane Corsos to enter shows; Marlotta was absolutely the first Cane Corso to reach the Italian Championships and later the World Title. Given what I have just said, I couldn’t but round it all off with a litter ... meanwhile, for various reasons which had led their owners to get rid of them, Dauna and Paco arrived in the house, the offspring of the unforgettable Arras and Birillo who, like Marlotta, was descendant of Bulan and therefore of Dauno, the progenitor who had rebuilt the breed. The history of my kennels could be covered by just these few names.
In particular, I sensed Birillo’s great potential for improving the breed. His first litter produced two Italian champions, Simon and Isotta. Many other famous children and grandchildren followed and the story still continues today.  

These results were obtained by planning in line-breeding mating, which was intended to retain Birillo’s typical characteristics, physical compactness and balanced character. Of the offspring of my progenitor whose official X-rays I am aware of, 20% are HD-A, 40% HD-B and 40% HD-C. The descendants of Ettore show a further significant improvement which is perfected with Conan, whose progeny were also tested for elbow dysplasia.
My aim is to improve further by committedly and constantly following the same quality of morphology and character, these being the only requisites for obtaining lasting results.

At the show The power of a ball on a 60 kg dog Puppies in the garden? So I’m collecting mushrooms ... This is my kennels in the heart of the country;  no boxes, no cement.